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The Eagle
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The Eagle Newsroom
A message from the Eagle Newsroom

Edson Theft from Vehicles
Oct. 30 2014 Edson RCMP are asking residents to check their vehicles after a crime spree last night.

Rules For Hinton PB
Oct. 27 2014 Rules For Hinton Participatory Budgeting, as shared by Town of Hinton Director of Corporate Services, Denise Parent

HPB: Challenge in the Rockies
Oct. 27 2014 Bill McDonald talks about challenge in the rockie's participatory budgeting proposal.

HIN Stolen Motorcycle
Oct. 24 2014 A motorcycle was stolen from the parking lot of the Best Western Wednesday

Missing Edson Woman
Oct 23 2014 Edson RCMP are looking to residents to help locate a missing Edson woman

Occupant Restraint Month
Oct. 24 2014 Safety officials Continue to observe unbuckled drivers as Occupant restraint month continues.

Organization Stays the Same
Oct 22 2014 Council backed away from their agenda featuring a reduced workload during Tuesdays Organization Meeting.

Bus Safety Month
Oct. 22 2014 David McKenzie shares first hand experience in the consequence of impatience with school buses

Oct 21 2014 The town is looking for your feedback on a pair of major documents.

HIN Organizational Meeting
Oct 20 2014 Council is looking to halve the number of meetings they attend.

Chamber Galas
Oct 20 2014 Communities in West Yellowhead are celebrating business achievements with chamber of commerce galas

Hinton Funspiel
Oct. 17 2014 Kick off the curling season this weekend

County Council Highlights
Oct 16 2014 A busy week for yellowhead county council.

GC Health Workshops
Oct. 16 2014 AHS is offering free health workshops in Grande Cache

Candidate Details Ryan Maguhn
Oct. 16 2014 the Liberal Party has selected a candidate for the Federal Byelection

Edson RCMP Report
October 15 2014 Edson RCMP Weekly report for october 6-12, including images of ATM Fraud suspects.

New School For Edson
Oct. 09 2014 A.H Dakins school will be replaced by the provincial government

New Town Manager for Hinton
Oct. 09 2014 Mike Schwirtz is the new town manager for Hinton.

Fire Prevention Week
Oct 8 2014 Al Schram speaks to the Eagle about the importance of fire safety week

GYPSD to Establish Threat Plan
Oct 07 2014 Area Public and Catholic Schools are teaming up to establish new threat protocols in area schools.

Wanted Man in HIN
Oct. 07 2014 RCMP need the publics help to find a wanted man

HRH Volleyball
Oct. 06 2014 A gold medal win!

Council Preview
October 6 2014 Preview for this weeks council meetings across the west yellowhead.

What Will You Remember Recognized
Oct 3 2014 A marketing video for the town of Hinton was recognized at a national convention last weekend.

Women's Self Defense Course
Oct 03 2014 The Jessica Martel Foundation returns with their self defense classes

Edson RCMP 9/22-9/28
Oct. 01 2014 The lowest number of investigations since June was reported last week

Hinton Noise Advisory
Oct. 01 2014 Construction will make for some noisy days for East River Road and Willow Creek Road area residents.

Hinton LUB/MDP
Oct. 01 2014 Two crucial documents to the town of hinton are being refreshed.

Chronic Sufferer Workshop
Sept. 30 2014 Across the west yellowhead, chronic symptom sufferers are being offered workshops to help cope with their symptoms.

Yellowhead County Council
Sept. 29 2014 Yellowhead County had a busy meeting last week.

Fox Creek Rifle Discharged
Sept. 29 2014 Charges have been laid against a 37 year old man

Jasper Pride AGM
Sept. 25 2014 Jasper Pride AGM came with some exciting details for this years festival

Switzer Sewer Backup
Sep 18 2014 Switzer upgrades have caused damage for some woodland court residents.

Candidate Details Eglinski
Sept. 24 2014 Newcomer to the region Jim Eglinski details how he would serve his constituents.

Mole's Million Raised
Sept. 24 2014 Before Braden raised a million, he was already inspiring people.

Community Connector
Sep 23 2014 There's a little known program available to help residents get across the west yellowhead.

Wildfire Update
Sep 22 2014 Jasper Park Wildfire Updates

Child Safety Week
Sep 16 2014 This week is Child Passenger Safety Week, and Northwest Traffic Safety Consultant David McKenzie has some insight in research on the subject.

Wildrose Moves Forward
Sep 19 2014 Danielle Smith visited Jasper yesterday, and the eagle spoke to her about one of residents biggest questions.

Bradens Million Dollar Celebration
Sep 22 2014 Braden Mole has done something amazing, for the hospital that helped him a decade ago.

Edson RCMP 9/15-9/21
Sept. 25 2014 A huge jump in theft numbers pushed investigation total up again.

Switzer Upgrades Status
Sept. 25 2014 Its Good News/Bad News for Switzer Drive Projects.

EDS Firefighters Return from Nationals
Sep 16 2014 After a hard fought qualification, Edson Firefighters attended, and saw success, at National Firefit Championships in Quebec

Fire Runs Free
Sep 17 2014 Conditions are right for Jasper Park to let a wildfire burn free, and as consequence help the local ecosystem

Photo Radar Changes in Hinton
Sep 17 2014 Watch your driving, or pay up!

West Fraser Fire
Sep 17 2014 The damage as severe as some had feared.

Merrifield Retires
Sep 17 2014 After 14 years, Merrifield is moving to a new position with the Prentice Government.

RCMP Update 9/8-9/14
Sep 18 2014 Edson RCMP Weekly Report

Edson Airport Construction
April 30th 2014. Construction is set to begin at the Edson Airport on the new ESRD Forestry base upgrade.

Golf Course Break-In
Jul 30 2014 Hinton Golf Club took some damage following a late night break in

Edson Community Garden
April 29th 2014. If all goes to plan Edson will be the home of a community garden in the Spring of 2015.

Jasper Pride AGM
Aug. 28 2014 Jasper Pride are preparing for their AGM September 24.

First Snow
Sep 8 2014 The West Yellowhead see's the return of snow

YC Traffic Troubles
Sep 5 2014 Edson and Hinton will both deal with construction as work gets underway in both communities

Golden Bears Visit
Sep 5 2014 Hinton Welcomes Hockey Heroes for a training camp this weekend

Jasper Fatality
Sep 5 2014 A fatal collision shut down the Yellowhead BC Border Crossing Yesterday

6 Man Football
Sep 4 2014 High School Football is soon to resume as school gets back in session

Hinton ALS Challenge Results
Sep 4 2014 Hinton Has Met Edson's ALS Challenge

Jasper Delays
Sep 4 2014 Drives in the Jasper area will require some patience this month.

EDS RCMP 8/18-8/31
Sep 3 2014 Complaint numbers have mostly balanced out in the Edson Area.

Boob Tour Visits Again
Sep 3 2014 The Boob Tour returns this month

Campbell Disburses Cheques
Sep 3 2014 MLA Campbell Drops off cheques to three local groups

Ready for Student Council
Sep 2 2014 Things are getting moving in student government at one local school.

Ready for Student Council
Sep 2 2014 Things are getting moving in student government at one local school.

Road Safety
Sep 2 2014 Regional Traffic Safety Consultant for the Alberta Northwest Central Region David McKenzie has some driving tips.

Surveillance in Hinton
Sep 2 2014 Hinton will discuss surveillance policy tomorrow

FASD in Hinton
Sep 9 2014 Mayor Mackin has declared today FASD Day

Same Route for Hin. Terry Fox
Sep 10 2014 Hinton's Terry Fox Run will travel a familiar path.

FASD Day Event in Hinton
Sep 10 2014 Mayor Mackin spoke to mocktail makers, and enjoyers, at last nights FASD Event.

Dirt Jam Cancelled
Sep 11 2014 HMBA's final events of the year, and Stacey Cherry's last event with the group, has been cancelled.

Community Block Parties
Sep 11 2014 Town of Hinton Residents can throw a block party, with a $200 dollar tab, in the interest of community safety.

RCMP Report 9/1-9/7
Sep 11 2014 RCMP numbers continued to drop last week.

Newcap Helps Support Music
Sep 12 Newcap Northwest has stepped up, making a significant donation to local music students.

Sulfolane Warning Continues
Sep 15 2014 Residents near the Rosevear Gas Plant are being reminded of the area sulfolane advisory following positive tests in the area.

Banff RCMP Identify Remains
Sep 16 2014 Search Teams in Banff have found human remains in the Rundle Range of Banff.

Handyman Challenge Bids
June 27 2014 Help Habitat for Humanity by while sprucing up your yard with the Handyman Challenge

United Church Special Report
June 22 2014 Newsman Josh presents a special extended interview session with Jorg Michel of Jasper Pride and Reverend Dawn Herman of The Jasper United Church.