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The Eagle Newsroom
A message from the Eagle Newsroom

Food Bank Help
Jul. 23 2015 New numbers from the food banks of Alberta say that there are 24 food banks across the province facing difficulty recouping their storerooms, due to a high number of clients.

EWMA Update
Jul. 23 2015 The FIRE ADVISORY in the Edson Wildfire Management Area has been lifted as of wednesday morning, and new fire permits are being issued again for heavy fuels.

HIN Fire Bylaw
Jul. 22 2015 A new fire bylaw was presented to hinton town council last (tuesday) night, and nearly received unanimous consent to move forward with plans to inspect, permit, and ticket for firepits an...

Family Wellness Fair
Jul. 20 2015 Hintons newest august event has just been announced.

Best Headliners Ever for WMMF
Jul. 17 2015 Since the final lineup announcement, Brian Laberge with WMMF has been claiming this is the best year they've ever had.

Excelsior Update
Jul. 17 2015 The cool damp weather is continuing to aid crews fighting the Excelsior Wildfire.

Stolen Escalade
Jul. 17 2015 Hinton RCMP last night released a report, detailing a stolen black 2007 escalade truck, featuring large rims and alberta license BFL6365, which was parked behind the holiday inn.

Charity BBQ's Today
Jul. 17 2015 A couple of charity bbqs around the region today.

Parks Day
Jul. 16 2015 With an itinerary that has to be seen to believe, Parks Day in Jasper is another huge event going on this weekend in the West Yellowhead.

Two More Fords Recovered
Jul. 16 2015 Good news from the Hinton RCMP

HIN Council Last Night
Jul. 15 2015 A number of decisions from Hintons standing committee meeting last night.

Wild Mountain Music Fest
Jul. 15 2015 The Wild mountain music festival is once again making sure festival goers have a safe place to sleep, or at least a way to get to one.

EDS Town Council Last Night
Jul. 15 2015 Lots of activity in Edson town council last night.

Stolen Truck
Jul. 15 2015 in the early morning hours a 2004 white ford 1 tonne truck bearing Alberta licence YXH332 was stolen from the Thompson Lake area of hinton

No Smoking Bylaw Coming HIN
Jul 15 2015 After some Hintonites took to social media complaining of smoking near outdoor public spaces, like soccer fields, hinton town council had Peace officer Ryan Alice look into whether a bylaw...

Robin Campbell Appreciation Event
Jul. 14 2015 Two months after he and his party lost control of the riding and government, former MLA Robin Campbell is now offering up an opportunity to gather and reflect.

U-14 Provincial Winners
Jul. 13 2015 A big win yesterday for the hinton 1 timberwolves.

HIN Stolen Vehicles
Jul. 14 2015 A flood of reports from the RCMP over the last hour, surrounding stolen vehicles in Hinton.

Fire Update
Jul. 14 2015 The latest from Wildfire Alberta says recent rain and increased humidity has reduced the EWMA wildfire hazard to moderate.

16 Closed
Jul. 14 2015 511 alberta is reporting that highway 16 east of edson is closed due to a motor vehicle collision.

Highway 16 Rollover
Jul 14 2015 Traffic was rerouted between 2 am and 11 am on highway 16 this morning as a semi was removed and debris cleared from the roadway, following a rollover collision.

Muldoon Rides to Victory
Jul. 13 2015 One local woman is back to her job with the town of hinton this (monday) morning, after feeling the support of the nation as she competed only days ago

Towed Away
Jul. 13 2015 A cautionary tale, shared from an Albertan Driver with no options left.

Armed Robbery HIN
Jul. 13 2015 During the early hours this morning, Hinton RCMP responded to a call of an armed robbery at the twin pines hotel.

Dougherty Caught
Jul. 13 2015 On Sunday, July 12, Darcy Doherty was arrested without incident.

Maligne Fire Update
Jul. 13 2015 A couple of developments over the weekend from the Maligne Valley Excelsior Wildfire.

HIN Stolen Truck
Jul. 10 2015 If you're travelling the highways today, be on the lookout for a maroon 2006 Ford F350 pick up.

Wildfires in Region
Jul. 10 2015 The wildfire hazard remains at EXTREME for the Edson Wildfire Management Area (EWMA).

Wanted on Warrants
Jul. 10 2015 The Hinton RCMP are asking the public for their assistance in locating two residents wanted on warrants.

Sunset Cougar
Jul 9 2015 Edson Fish and wildlife have received no reports from locals at this time about a cougar in the sunset area of edson.

Maligne Wildfire
July 9 2015 In a release issued last night, Jasper National Park announced they, with the support of the province, are continuing work putting out the wildfire in the maligne valley.

JAS Fatal Crash
Jul. 08 2015 An single motor vehicle collision on highway 93 yesterday has claimed the life of one female occupant of a station wagon, and put two other occupants in Banff and Calgary hospital.

EDS Indecent Acts
Jul. 08 2015 Edson RCMP are seeking the public's assistance following two seperate instances involving indecent acts on the edson trail system.

EDS Cyclist Struck
Jul. 07 2015 RCMP are seeking assistance from the public following a collision between a cyclist and vehicle last night

Motorcycle Safety Month
Jul. 07 2015 July is Motorcycle Safety month in Alberta

EWMA Fire Update
Jul. 6 2015 Fire Update for the EWMA, as released Saturday

EDS Fire Calls Last Night
Jul. 03 2015 We have some information from the Town of Edson in regards to smoke observed in Edson last night.

Grizzly Bear Moves On
Jul. 03 2015 The Town of Edson has just shared an update on the location of the grizzly bear that had been seen near the golf course

Power Outage Explained
Jul. 02 2015 Hinton is down to just one tranformer, after a fault last weekend that caused an outage from 9pm saturday to just after 1am sunday morning.

Canada Day Links
Jun. 30 2015 Tomorrow, Canada day parades and events will run across the West Yellowhead.

HIV Testing Day
Jun. 29 2015 Saturday was HIV Awareness day in the united states, and that awareness event inspired HIV west yellowhead to hold their own events, both monday and tuesday, in Jasper.

HIN Boys Struck
Jun 26 2015 The monday before last, June 15, at roughly 5pm, two youth were struck by a newer model black Dodge 1500.

Susa Creek School
Jun. 26 2015 Grande Cache's Susa Creek School celebrated a milestone last week.

HIV Awareness
Jun. 26 2015 Saturday was National HIV testing day.

EDS Habitat Needs Residents
Jun. 25 2015 Edson's Habitat for Humanity is looking for new residents.

Geothermal Power for Hinton?
Jun. 25 2015 Geothermal energy is believed to be one of very few perpetually renewing energy resources on the planet.

EDS New School
Jun. 25 2015 In a letter released this morning, Grande Yellowhead Public School division officially announced that they will make a recommendation to the province that the new school facility replace ...

YC Grants
Jun 25 2015 Another round of grants from yellowhead county family and support services will help three local groups.

Kirchner Machine
Jun. 25 2015 In an effort to help local farmers reduce environmental impact of grain bagging, yellowhead county has purchased a Kirchner machine plastics roller.

EDS Fire Bylaw Update
Jun. 24 2015 Last week, Edson town council voted in the towns new fire bylaw.For most, changes to the fireworks and facility false alarm sections wont be an issue.

Tour of Alberta Volunteering
Jun. 24 2015 This September, The West Yellowhead plays host to a world class in the Tour of Alberta.

CEAC Problems
Jun. 24 2015 Councilor Matthew Young can see a couple of messages in CEAC's report card released last week.

A and W MS Theft
Jun. 24 2015 We've just received word from the jasper RCMP that the individuals from the A and W Ms society theft in Jasper have been identified.

Highway 16 Update
Jun. 23 2015 Last night, we received word that the geotechnical work is close to complete on the so called sinkhole on the right handed lane highway 16 east bound.

Miette Fatality
Jun. 23 2015 More details late last night from the jasper rcmp regarding the closure of the miette hot springs road.

BearAware Storage
Jun. 23 2015 With a grizzly possibly at large in the wilder areas of edson near the golf course, its important to be bear aware.

Miette Fatality
Jun. 23 2015 Shortly before noon yesterday, Jasper RCMP responded to a two vehicle collision on the miette hot springs road in jasper national park.

Bear Damage
Jun. 22 2015 Food conditioned Grizzly Bears in Jasper national park are causing property damage at several sites throughout the area and potentially being a public safety risk, and that has prompted P...

Bear Update
Jun. 22 2015 Edson's wild visitor from friday, a large grizzly bear who took down a moose calf near the golf course, may still be at large in that area.

Bear Update
Jun. 19 2015 We have confirmed more information about the bear in Edson (on friday).

CEAC Report Card
Jun. 19 2015 Wednesday, the Town of Hinton received their report card.

Stolen Skid Steer Video
Jun. 18 2015 We now have more information from the edson RCMP about last weeks skid steer incident.

Weather and Fire Update
Jun. 18 2015 A near certain forecast of heavy rain for friday has two events in the region canceling their plans.

EDS Council Notes
Jun. 17 2015 The town of edson made a number of large decisions this week

Wild Mountain Mashup Winnners
Jun. 16 2015 We've received word from Wild Mountain Music, surrounding the official winners for the Wild Mountain Mashup.

Aboriginal Day
Jun 15 2015 This saturday, the eagle newsroom will join with many west yellowhead residents in celebrating National Aboriginal Day in Jasper.

Wildfire Update
Jun. 15 2015 Thanks to rain over the weekend, Wildfire Alberta reports the fire advisory has now been lifted for the Edson Wildfire Management Area (EWMA).

GC Wildfire Update
Jun. 14 2015 As of Sunday morning, Wildfire Alberta reports the Rockslide Creek wildfire was classified as out of control at approximately 14,000 hectares in size, the same size it has been since Frid...

Got him
Jun. 14 2015 We now have the official story from the RCMP surrounding the Emerson Creek Road incident on Thursday and Friday.

Heritage Rodeo Comes Home
Jun. 12 2015 The move back into the outdoor beauty of Jasper National Park is significant to the hosts of the Jasper Heritage Rodeo.

Jun 12 2015 Tomorrow in Jasper, the 17th annual Lobsterfest comes to the Jasper Activity Centre.

Wild Mountain Mashup
Jun. 12 2015 Tomorrow night is your last chance to take in great live acts, as they compete for a shot at Hinton's Wild Mountain.

Wildfire Update
Jun. 11 2015 Just before 5pm Thursday, wildfire alberta shared new information about the Willmore wilderness fire.

(UPD) RCMP Chase
Jun. 11 2015 A harrowing video posted to facebook thursday has social media in uproar this (friday) morning.

United Church Fundraiser
Jun. 11 2015 Saturday Night between 7 pm and 1 am, head down to the legion to help a local church get a much needed roof.

One Horse Town
Jun. 10 2015 Hinton is now competing with other communities under 50,000 people in trying to earn themselves a "One Horse Town" Party, featuring Tim Hicks and the Road Hammers.

GC Fire Update
Jun. 10 2015 Due to the very high wildfire hazard and windy conditions, a fire advisory is in effect for the Edson Wildfire Management Area (EWMA).

RCMP Chase
Jun. 11 2015 The eagle is following a developing story in Edson.

Archives Open
Jun. 09 2015 The Eagle News Josh Yaworski was one of the first people through the doors at noon on tuesday, to get a look inside Hintons archives and meet the new staff.

Marmot Basin Pans Approved
Jun. 09 2015 On Friday, local MP Jim Eglinski announced the approval of marmot basin's long term plans.

GC Wildfire Update
Jun. 09 2015 There is an out of control fire in Willmore Wilderness Provincial near Rockslide Creek just north of the Jasper National Park boundary and approximately 40 kilometers south of Grande Cach...

Heart Report 2015
Jun. 08 2015 Some shocking details coming out of this months heart and stroke foundation report.

Challenge in the Rockie - Soccer
Jun. 05 2015 Only a few months ago, hockey players and parents from across the province flocked to hinton for the challenge in the rockies hockey tournament.

Coal Branch Archives Reopening
Jun 05 2015 Debuting Tuesday at the hinton library, new driving tour brochures for the town of hinton.

Threatening Vehicles EDS
Jun. 09 2015 We're trying to find out more following some strange reports in Edson.

Grizzly Warning
Jun 02 2015 A grizzly bear has been frequenting the area of Jasper, and a portion of Pyramid Bench, prompting a warning and temporary area closure.

Road Closure HIN
Jun. 05 2015 GS Holdings, developer and contractor for a residential development on Baker Street, wishes to inform Hinton residents of a road closure.

Fast Eddy Soap
Jun 04 2015 Back in March, Hinton welcomed home an old resident in Fast Eddy.

Jun. 05 2015 Tomorrow is the annual Hinton Safewalk Walk for Muscular Dystrophy.

YRAF Returns
Jan. 15 2015 The Yellowhead Regional Arts Festival returns for its 30th year April 25, but it takes entrants into the competition to make it a success.

Candidates Debate
Apr. 15 2015 An all candidates debate has been scheduled for Monday.

Fire Ban Jurisdictions
Jun. 02 2015 With many of our listening communities lying within ESRD managed areas, but still operating independant fire restrictions to the province and county, we contacted the Edson Fire Dept. to ...

Rosendahl Sworn In
Jun 01 2015 The west yellowheads newly elected representative in the legislature, Eric Rosendahl, is now sworn in as an MLA.

Human Rights Group for HCH
Jun. 01 2015 A new project at Harry Collinge high will stage an event this week.

Fire Update
Jun 01 2015 The wildfire hazard to ranges from high to moderate across the Edson WMA.

(UPD) RCMP Chase
Jun. 12 2015 A harrowing video posted to facebook thursday has social media in uproar this (friday) morning.