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The Eagle
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The Eagle Newsroom
A message from the Eagle Newsroom

Challenge Tickets
Mar. 24 2015 Tickets go on sale at noon, for the saturday night game of Hintons spring break Challenge in the Rockies.

Warrant Roundup
Mar. 23 2015 The Western Alberta District teamed up last week to conduct a warrant roundup, tracking down and dealing with prolific offenders over three days.

Caps in Safe
Mar. 23 2015 Last week, locksmiths working with the Galloway Station museum discovered blasting caps inside an antique safe of legend to tour attendees, The Erith Tie Camp Safe, who's combination was ...

Sawed Trees
Mar. 20 2015 The Edson RCMP are stumped, as they try to rake up evidence surrounding the late night vandalism to a number of trees in edson.

Talisman EDS Reductions
Mar. 20 2015 2 Talisman Energy Edson employees are among the 10-15% workforce reduction, announced wednesday.

WestmoreLand Reclamation
Mar. 20 2015 There is some reclamation coming up for Coal Valley Operations, Westmoreland has told the Eagle, but it isn't as dire as rumour within the community had suggested.

New Seniors Centre EDS
Mar 19 2015 A 12.1 million dollar commitment from the Federal and provincial government will provide funding for 62 rooms in a new expansion to the Parkland Lodge.

Jasper Pilot Projects
Mar. 18 2015 Jasper municipal council has now approved two pilot projects to open public space for private use this year.

Outdoor Thefts
Mar. 18 2015 As warmer weather returns, more and more local residents are heading outside.

GC Road Ban
Mar. 13 2015 Alberta transportation is looking to inform drivers on highway 40 of a road ban, effective immediately.

Spoofing Scam
Mar. 13 2015 Fraud month continues, and so to does the eagles coverage of the spoofing scam currently sweeping the area.

Community Gathers for Pride
Mar. 13 2015 In addition to the door stickers, that started the jasper pride movement, and the window displays, that will brighten the entire weekend, businesses and community members in jasper have s...

Spoofing Fraud
Mar. 12 2015 An eagle listener called the station last month, saying our number was appearing in fraud calls. So we found out more.

YC County Council Highlights
Mar. 11 2015 A number of important decisions made in last (Tuesday) nights Yellowhead County Council meeting.

History of Water and West Fraser
Mar. 11 2015 Mike Schwartz details an abridged version of Hinton's water relationship history, from Mar 10's council meeting.

Dangerous Goods Spill
Mar. 09 2015 Cleanup on the dangerous goods spill near the hinton nordic centre is now complete, dangerous goods officials say.

Parkland School Evac
Mar. 09 2015 A heater is to blame for an afternoon smoke show at the Parkland school in Edson.

Power Outage in EDS
Mar. 09 2015 Many edson residents took to facebook today, trying to find out why theyd lost power.

YC Spring Road Bans in Effect
Mar. 09 2015 From Yellowhead County this morning

HIN Water Plant Talks
Mar 6 The water fee announced as part of this years budget in hinton represents an effort to save money, ahead of the water treatment plant takeover expected in 2018.

Highway to Mexico
Mar. 4 2015 On March 13, 14 Rotarians from Grande Prairie and Edson clubs will drive three Fire Trucks, two buses and three Ambulances 4 500 kilometres to mexico.

Chamber Budget Presentation
Mar. 4 2015 In years past, Hinton Town council has presented their budgets to the hinton chamber of commerce members in the january meeting.

Mammograms in EDS
Mar. 4 2015 As the most effective way to detect breast cancer, Mammograms are an essential part of womens health, particularly after age 50.

Funds for Challenge
Mar. 4 2015 Hinton town council unanimously voted to waive facility fees, up to a maximum fifteen thousand dollars, for the Hinton challenge in the rockies.

JAS Farmers Market
Mar. 4 2015 While a location isnt set, council has approved another pilot program for the farmers market.

Dog Park Begun
Mar. 03 2015 Tree clearing is slated to begin this week near East River Road, as work starts on the Off Leash Dog Park.

Parks Reopened
Mar. 2 2015 As March begins, snow starts to naturally compact through the mountain regions, which means the closures of Jasper National Park in the areas of the Maligne, Brazeau, and a La Peche ranges...

YC Surface Rights
Mar. 02 2015 For Albertan Landowners, Regulatory and Surface Rights are an important, and complicated, matter.

Vader Arrested
Mar. 2 2015 At approximately 10:30 p.m., Saturday night, RCMP Edson officers were dispatched to a call for service to a rural residence outside the town of Edson, Alberta.

RCMP Career Presentation
Feb. 26 2015 If a career in the rcmp interests you, you have an opportunity to speak with a recruiting officer next week, right here in hinton.

No More Family H&S Day
Feb 23 2015 Last years Family health and Safety day, which saw 60 exhibitors display for nearly 1000 residents, is officially the last iteration of the event.

EDS House Fire
Feb 23 2015 A facebook group has been created in benefit of Tiberio and Rebecca Banuelos, the family who resided in the home that burnt down over early monday morning.

SuperHero and Princess Party
Feb. 23 2015 The Edson boys and girls club and the kinettes are working together to present a superheros and princess party.

Jerseys For HIN Players
Feb. 20 2015 A local business is helping Hinton Hockey Players get into the spirit of the Chiefs for this years Challenge in the Rockies.

JAS Farmers Markets
Feb. 18 2015 The Jasper Farmers market trial that ran last year could lead to jasper being able to open many public spaces to commerce, including sidewalk cafes, busking, farmers markets, and more.

Right to Enviroment
Feb. 18 2015 The Town of Jasper is contemplating supporting an initiative to make the right to a healthy environment recognized by the Canadian government.

JAS/HIN Budgets
Feb. 18 2015 Jasper town council has accepted its budget, representing a 4.64% tax increase and a total budget of 14 million 368 thousand 429 dollars.

Mountain Warning
Feb. 13 2015 Parks officials province wide are urging those going into the mountain parks do so with extreme caution this weekend.

Coke Conviction
Feb. 13 2015 The Hinton RCMP's efforts to stem street level drug operations have amounted to another conviction.

EDS Fire Bylaw
Feb. 12 2015 Tuesday, Edson town council gave first reading to Bylaw 2119, the first update to the town fire bylaw since 1963.

Harris In Custody
Feb. 12 2015 It has been confirmed by the Hinton Voice that the individual apprehended after a standoff last night was the Alexander Freeman Harris reported wanted following a forcible entry and assau...

Piece of Fundraising
Feb. 11 2015 When Lisa Bish heard Hintons SPCA was helping 5 of the animals rescued from Milk River earlier this year, she had to go down to visit them.

Eyes Off That Screen
Feb. 11 2015 At least for one weekend, this family day.

Transmountain MOU with EDS
Feb. 11 2015 Another community has signed an mou with trans mountain pipeline ahead of their proposed expansion.

RCMP's Busy Night
Feb 10 2015 The Hinton RCMP were kept busy last night with a high volume of calls

Albertan Concerns
Feb. 10 2014 Albertans, and Canadians in general, can be proud of a reduction in smoking, and of better than ever survival rates for those that make it to emergency room complaining of heart attack or...

Distracted Driving Month
Feb. 09 2015 Calling all you cellphone drivers, you text and cruisers, the rolling brushers and the front seat parents: stop it.

Broken-in Lunchbox
Feb. 09 2015 RCMP are seeking the publics assistance, following a break-in at the former site of the Gourmet Lunchbox in Hinton.

Vehicle Thefts
Feb. 03 2015 Hinton RCMP are recommending that all drivers be extra cautious, as a rash of cold weather vehicle thefts have been reported.

Parkin and Patterson Appearance
Feb. 03 2015 Robert Parkin and Santiago Patterson have been in custody since their high profile arrests on December 17.

Bad Roads
Jan. 30 2015 Caution is recommended on area highways, as conditions quickly sour.

Hinton Layoffs
Jan. 29 2015 The Town of Hinton has laid off two employees, and removed their positions.

Community Fire Plan
Jan. 28 2015 Over the last year, the Town of Edson, Yellowhead county, and the Alberta Enviroment and Sustainable Resource Development have been working together to prepare a Community Protection Plan...

Highway 93 Closed
Jan. 27 2015 Highway 93 north from jasper to lake louise has been closed, due to high avalanche risk.

Jasper Outdoor Rodeo
Jan. 28 2015 Reports suggest that the Jasper rodeo may find the funding they're looking for from town council, allowing the historical event to move outdoors.

YRAF Returns
Jan. 15 2015 The Yellowhead Regional Arts Festival returns for its 30th year April 25, but it takes entrants into the competition to make it a success.